Course Offered


Learn Guitar, Synthesizer, Singing, Harmonium by Indian Music System, European, Western Music System.

S. No. Course Duration/Level 1-3 month Duration/Level 3-6 month Duration/Level 6-12 month
1. Guitar Initial Level Advance Level Professional Level
2. Synthesizer Initial Level Advance Level Professional Level
3. Singing Initial Level Advance Level Professional Level
4. Harmonium Initial Level Advance Level Professional Level

Career-oriented professional Program



Rock Star/ Rock Singer- Indian Classical Music- Folk Singer- Playback Singer- Light Music Singer -
Become – Singer of Rock, Pop, Disco, Blues, Metal, Rap, Music. Become singer of Indian classical music with Rag Khayal, All option, Dhrupad , Dhamar Thumri Become singer of folk music with Thumri, chaiti, Dadra Become playback singer having background in Bollywood Hindi film songs & Hollywood songs. Become expert light music singer of Gazal, Sugam Sangeet, Bhazan Gazal etc


SPANISH Guitar BASS Guitar Keyboard/Piano/ Synthesizer/ Organ/Casio Drum Harmonium Tabla
Learn Spanish Guitar Acoustic, Semi – Acoustic, Electronic Guitar with different major & minors chords, Rhythm as strumming soul, foxtro at, twist and become Rhythms Guitarist. Learn different major & minor scale sargam & make tune & Become head Guitarist) Use Guitar Tab -----------D -----------G ------------B ------------E to play notation. Use chord A B C Major etc to play song. Use interlude to play song main Attraction. Remarks:- Learn Bass Guitar with different Pattern of chords combination of different musical scale & Play different Baseline Music & Use different Rhythm effect on string. Remarks:- Learn Casio with different major, minor scale sargam & chords. Use staff Notation (fig.) sheet music to play song & use both hand Practice & play western music composition like Beethoven, Mosazt Chopin etc. Learn Harmonium with sudh o Vikrat Swar By proper Sargam o Alankar & Bhajan, Gazal with harmonium. Learn tabla to play Kaharwa, Teen, Ek tal etc.Provide accompany any music composition by tabla.

* Course Fees is as per class or per month (both option is available)

Note: - Only 2 classes in a week- At your home/or at Institution.