Courses/ Tuition Fees

  • Acoustic Spanish Guitar Rs. 300/- per class.
  • Electronic Spanish Guitar Rs. 500/- per class.
  • Casio (keyboard) Rs. 300/- per Class board
  • Singing Rs. 500/- per class with Indian Classical + Light + Western Music
  • GRAND Piano Rs. 1000/- per class

Courses Fees at Institution

  • Guitar Rs. 1500/- per month with 2 class in a week.
  • Keyboard Rs. 1500/- per month with 2 class in a week.
  • Singing Rs. 1500/- per month with 2 class in a week.

For Guitar

Guitar – We play every kind of song in Hollywood / Bollywood

  • Hindi Bollywood songs like - Nile Nile Amber, chura liya etc.
  • Western Rock like - Summer of 69, Numb, Hotel California etc.
  • Western Metal
  • Western Blues and Jazz like - Here without you Let's get Loud.
  • Other western.

For Keyboard

we play followings :

  • Hindi like music - Har Ghadi, Ageeb Dastan.
  • Western music like Titanic, Jingle Bell, London Bridge.
  • Instrumental Piano + Piano Sunata with staff notation like Beethoven - Fur Elise, Mozart Turkish March.
  • Any song with both Left Hand & Right Hands

For Singing

We practice followings :

  • With Indian Classical Music - Using Khyal, Allap, tan like Rag Bhairva, Biloval and use Thumri, Dadra
  • With Light Music - Learn film songs, Gazal, Bhajan, Patriotic songs.
  • With Western Music - learn Hymns, Gospel, Carol Rhyme like we wish you a merry Christmas 100 miles.

For Harmonium

Learn harmonium to play best Bhajan, Gazal with use of chords & notes by singing

  • Jai hanuman gyan gun sagar
  • Mangal bhavan amangal hari